Hola mis queridos lectores y lectoras, os traigo esta receta porque en el post de las tapas que hice en casa, me la solicitasteis, especialmente CONCHI, de espiritu sin nombre (blog), podéis ver el post que digo aquí: POST TAPAS EN CASA

La receta es de lo mas sencilla, se le llama manjar de dioses, así que... las fotos no me han salido muy claras, pero se aprecia bien.


-Con el jamón de haces unas tiritas delgaditas, (yo alguna vez las he hecho en dados, según me apetezca, lo ideal es en tiritas) os pongo las dos fotos de ambas maneras

-dos tomates



Triturar los tomates que queden trocitos, como cuadraditos minis.

poner en una sartén con aceite, sal y azúcar, y a fuego MUY lento, que vaya pochando, ir girando,

cuando quede acaramelado, añadir los HILOS DE JAMÓN y dar unas vueltas, que coja sabor unos con otros y ..... servir y comer calentito.

Manjar de dioses.



 Hello, you know that I am always looking for online stores that facilitate shopping and I like them, that's why today I present . The good weather is coming and we have to start planning, and we all want to look good or train harder and today I present a selection of this very interesting website

It is a website that does wholesale shapewear where you will find products to reshape the body, such as girdles, but they have lots of different designs, for all tastes.

I liked this particular design a lot because if, for example, you go to the gym and have to change in front of more people, it's not ugly, it's pretty and it looks easy to put on and take off, so it's more than recommended.

They are used both to go down the street and to play sports, always making sure that it is the right one for you. They have fabrics that are perfect for everything.

look how precious body shaper buttock lifter , and it only costs 12.44 dollars!!!, the truth is that they have unbeatable prices

and I liked this a lot for the summer to wear under dresses

Resultados de traduccAnd also if you have to go to the gym and change with more people in front of you, this girdle, as it is not ugly, looks good and is pretty to look at and it looks easy to put on and take off.On this website they sell girdles to reshape the body, for example, with an interesting variety and for all tastes and needs and you can use them to go out to dinner and reduce your belly or hips or to play sportsand I liked this a lot for the summer to wear under dresses. 

Girdles are mainly underwear designed to temporarily alter the shape of your body, to make you feel better if you need to, the most common is to flatten the stomach although they are also used for the hips or to increase the butt.

And you? Do you have a girdle? I await your opinions to know if you use these products regularly or occasionally.